The Intern Development Program provides some structure for you architecture internship experience.  The program is meant to insure that you get a range of experiences in a work setting before you are allowed to earn your license.  The required 5600 hours are broken into 16 categories.  IDP takes three or more years to complete.  Most of your experience must be completed under the supervision of a licensed architect, but some of the requirements can be completed in different work settings.

IDP Training Requirements (5,600 hours total)

Category A: Design and Construction Documents (2,800 core minimum hours)

1. Programming (80 hours)

2. Site and Environmental Analysis (80 hours)

3. Schematic Design (120 hours)

4. Engineering Systems Coordination (120 hours)

5. Building Cost Analysis (80 hours)

6. Code Research (120 hours)

7. Design Development (320 hours)

8. Construction Documents (1,080 hours)

9. Specifications and Materials Research (120 hours)

10. Document Checking and Coordination (80 hours)

Category B: Construction Contract Administration (560 core minimum hours)

11. Bidding and Contract Negotiation (80 hours)

12. Construction Phase–Office (120 hours)

13. Construction Phase–Observation (120 hours)

Category C: Management (280 core minimum hours)

14. Project Management (120 hours)

15. Office Management (80 hours)

Category D: Related Activities (80 core minimum hours)

16. Professional Community Service (80 hours)

Elective Hours From Any Category (1,880 hours)